Ulmer’s Theory

Have you ever heard of electracy?

After reading and watching Ulmer’s description of electracy a lot makes sense to me. I personally enjoyed the video more because it was easier to comprehend. There were a few points in the reading that become fuzzy to me as I was going over them.

Partically I am a fan of the chart he makes, which is displayed in his article Electracy. This chart is easy to read and brought the thought across nicely. I agree with most of the placements through the chart but, am skeptical on a few. The one category I don’t necessary understand or really agreed with is “group” specifically in the electracy column where “body” is located which does not make a whole lot of sense to me. How does it relate to god and reason?

throughout the YouTube video Ulmer onhe talks about many of the terms in the subject of electracy like grammatology which he explains “as the history and theory of writing”. then goes on to explain about the apparatus theory that you see from the chart in the article hyperlinked above. This term is characterized as the a “Social machine”.

Through the Apparatus theory Ulmer sense their is three terms that are connected. The first one is technology which is a pretty obvious choice. So much of our social life today is interconnected with some form of technology. Then Institution formation, he describes as the ” practice of intuition that are used to make use of technology. An example would be how natural language is and can be altered for survival. The third term is “leg of the stool” which is characterized as subject formation; as specifically the section of individuals who are living in these “new” institutions.

During the end of the video and into the paper it talked a lot about how this all was started. All of it was traced back to the greeks such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. All three of these philosophers gave a great deal to media. Plato is known for the first discourses on method and for creating the first “academy” (what we know a school or formal education). Aristotle invented logic and lastly Socrates was credited for the socratic method.

As this blog concludes, it was very interesting to hear where media began and where technology has come since the years of ancient Greece. That at one point everyone was not streaming the web in there spare time and having access to answers at the edge of their finger tips.

Gregory Ulmer
Gregory Ulmer

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